“Savoring” Life

In one of my step mom books I’ve been reading, a doctor mentions ways to think more positively about your life. One of those ways was to savor the positive and happy moments of life. This struck me because we are always told to “enjoy” our life, to me this is an action. I could enjoy a nice summer day by spending it at the beach or having an ice cold drink in the backyard. I could enjoy time spent with family by snuggling up with the kids and watching a movie. But when you think about savoring life – that is a very different way to look at things.

Honestly the word savor caught my attention because to me this means food – and I love to eat! Savoring something makes me think of going to my favorite taco place, Mission Cantina, and the moment I take my first bite of their amazing fully loaded chorizo tacos……..pure heaven. When I started thinking of life in that same aspect I realized I don’t savor life. In fact most people don’t savor life. What would that even look like? While I am writing this the kids and some of their friends are jumping on the trampoline. Although the “real feel” is supposed to be 108 today, it feels like a wonderful 75 degrees. The birds are chirping, it’s overcast, and there’s a perfect breeze blowing through the trees. Even in all this background banter there is a sense of peace and calmness. Savoring this moment would be to close my eyes and let things be, slow time in my mind, allow my heart to be full, and maybe think to myself “ahh this is life”. There’s nothing particularly special going on right now, it’s just Sunday.

It’s true, we get too busy and the moments we savor are probably very far and few between. If I think back to how many times I’ve enjoyed a moment then I may be able to come up with quite a few days a few times a week. But to think back on how many times I have actually savored life….it brings me back to tacos. Maybe the hot sun beating on my face while I’m standing in the ocean at our favorite beach getaway spot would be a moment I have savored life, but that was back in April. To me it almost feels selfish and a little embarrassing to think that I have missed out on opportunities to feel quite different about my day. Personally being a stepmom, there are many times that days, weeks, months are just rough. But savoring life seems like a truly impactful way to appreciate even the smallest moments. A way to turn the mind around and create a life that you don’t have to enjoy, instead you can appreciate it. Maybe moments, like just a Sunday, will become something more when you begin to savor it.

We’re surrounded by negativity to the point of no escape. Social media, the news, and even your friends and coworkers can bog your mind down with constant complaints about everything. There is no lack of things we could be tired of, upset about, irritated by – but how often do we let the good out weigh the bad? I’m loving this idea of savoring life, and like myself, I challenge you to savor every moment of every day. If I could be Mission Cantina taco happy every day of my life – hell, I’d be a force to be reckoned with!

Happy Sunday ❤

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