The Getaway House

This post is long overdue, considering we indulged in our own Getaway House adventure over a month ago. But I can’t skip out on sharing all the details!

Even if you’ve never been, you’ve probably already heard about or seen the Getaway House on Facebook. I was sold on the pictures alone – a beautiful floor to ceiling window right in front of the bed. And the best part? A ledge right in front of the window with just enough space to sit and enjoy a book and some coffee. To me this seemed like a get away dream! I had been on the website a few times to see what it was all about but never actually booked anything. Carlos and I are always looking to escape our crazy lives and being stuck in a house all winter doesn’t make it any better. So impulsively one morning I just booked a couple nights in the middle of the week and started my computer countdown!

Upon booking you receive the location of where you will be staying. All other details, such as the road name and cabin name, come right before your trip. Three hours prior to arriving you will receive the code to get into your cabin. Since I obsessively plan EVERYTHING in my life (no joke) I was slightly worried that we might be unprepared. There’s not a whole lot of information as to what to expect, other than to expect the unexpected – which is not good news to a planner. I scoured the internet in search of some sort of information. I only found one other blog from a woman who stayed there and shared all the details (thank you lady blogger person!).

Armed with little knowledge but enough to have an idea of what’s going on, we started to pack. I didn’t recall reading anything about whether or not bedding was provided and I couldn’t find any information on the site about it – so I texted the staff. Prior to your trip you’re given a cell phone number to “text” when you need anything. I was bit skeptical about this, seriously how reliable is a text….and how long am I supposed to wait for an answer……what if I don’t get an answer….(#plannerproblems). No need for worries, I texted the number to ask about bedding and within 5 minutes I got a text back letting me know that bedding was in fact provided. I texted back thank you and I even received a “you’re welcome” – yes, it’s a real person!

The drive to our cabin was relaxing and upon arriving we realized it is basically a camp site. There are several other Getaway cabins but each is spaced far enough a part where you still have your own privacy. However, should you decide to book as a group, you would be close enough together where it didn’t seem like a waste. To say that our cabin was perfect would be an understatement. First off, it is tiny – so tiny – but so perfect. We got a bunkbed so we could set our luggage on the top and sleep on the bottom. The smell of wood filled the tiny cabin, which again was perfect, and there was just enough space for the two of us to move around with comfort. In my opinion, I couldn’t see fitting more than two people unless your group plans on spending a lot of time outside the cabin.


Towels were provided, there were snacks and coffee for purchase, and the toilet was electric. It took a bit to get used to the toilet, I could try to describe it here but it may do more harm than good – it’s a unique contraption but it does the job. Outside they have a fire pit with a “fire pit kit” filled with wood and matches should you wish to have a fire. They even provide instructions on how to start a fire in case it’s your first time. There were some books, a radio, and an activity book for your stay. The idea is to relax and get away, so you won’t find any wifi access.

Honestly there is just nothing more perfect than waking up in the morning and the first thing you see is trees – it’s blissful. It’s basically the perfect balance between being off the grid and glamping. Personally I would even book a trip by myself just for some nature filled me time. And if you have a fur baby you’ll be happy to know they allow dogs. It’s definitely a must try experience if you’re looking to get away without renting a camper or roughing it in a tent. We can’t wait for our next Getaway trip! ❤

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