Floors (or lack thereof)…

 I must admit I was amazingly overly exited to post about my awesome walk way floors and my amazing Thanksgiving dinner……well….my floors aren’t exactly finished and while Thanksgiving was in fact amazing for some insane reason none of us got any pictures…..of anything…..how does this happen!? I must now try to describe what transpired through words – so here it goes.
Wait until Spring to do your tile floors. My sweet love was so anxious to put tile down 5 days before we were to have a house full of guests. I tried to get him to wait – he wasn’t having it, and so now we have tile that took almost 5 days to put on, it’s not finished and so there’s that. The cold weather kept the entryway cold enough where many tiles had trouble sticking and had to be redone the next day….and the next day…and the next day… It’s ok, it was his first time, lesson learned, they look great but they’re not finished.
Thanksgiving was super great! This was my first year cooking turkeys (I had to make 2 of them) so I was definitely nervous about how they would turn out. In the end they were very delicious – thank you Pinterest! We had all the fixins and everyone brought a side dish or dessert with them. I was so impressed with how well everyone’s dish came together, it was perfect. After dinner we had drinks, played card games, laughed, talked – all the traditional family things with friends. And yet somehow through the entire evening we literally took no pictures of anything! I’m slightly disappointed and slightly content since this would mean that probably none of us were spending time on our phones, so everyone was happy and having a good time.
Now let’s jump to December, winter is officially here next week and we are still Christmas shopping. We started the month off right by cutting down our Christmas tree at our favorite tree farm, my mom taught the kids how to make wassail, and the house decor has taken on the holiday spirit. My brother and I seem to be the only ones who want to sit and watch 1970s christmas movies – you know the ones I mean – the boys are still having a hard time sitting all the way through them. We have begun planning a new year’s eve party (I promise I’ll take pictures this time!). And I’ve started taking yoga and working out.
I can’t believe it’s almost a brand new year. I still have presents to wrap….. I have to buy them first but then I have to wrap them! 🙂

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