Buffet Table/ Sofa Table/ Whatever you call it!

So we are hosting quite a bit of people over for Thanksgiving this year and in true southern girl fashion – my house needs to be ready for this! I love to host people over and I feel like the effort put in to make an atmosphere comfortable and perfect is always well worth it in the end.
I have been wanting a buffet table in our dining room pretty much since we finished it. Every time I would walk into the dining room it would always feel so incomplete to me. Well, since we are in the middle of the Total Money Makeover, we are very budgeted. When we got back from our family trip I decided we had to make it happen. Thinking about 14 people in my home for Thanksgiving made me feel that things just have to be complete.
I started searching Pinterest for any sort of basic table design that wouldn’t take forever to put together and wouldn’t cost the same amount as purchasing a table. I found one blog that had a very basic table that I knew would be perfect. The blogger, Kaysi Gardner, spent $30 putting her table together. This dollar amount was perfect to me! Although there were no plans to go off of, only pictures, Carlos and I were quickly able to piece together what we needed and how we would do it. Our table ended up costing us $48 and took us a day and a half to complete due to the stain.

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We used 1 2X8 for the table top and 2 2X4s for the legs. We connected the halves of the 2X8 pieces by brackets and screws on the bottom side. We used remaining material from the 2X4s to add support blocks between the legs. For the shelf we used 2 1X2 1/2 boards that we cut in half. We ended buying 4 L brackets to add support and make the table more sturdy. After we had everything put together, Carlos sanded the table with 80 grit and then 120. I wanted a stain color that wouldn’t be too matchy matchy with the dining room table but still flow with the colors. We decided to go with antique white which was perfect!
And now I have my long awaited table! It’s not fully decorated yet but I’m happy it’s done and I can see it in the flesh rather than in my wishes!

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