Revolution Rail Co.

  Carlos and I love to get out and try new things around the area. So naturally we were super stoked when we saw the Revolution Rail Co. in North Creek, NY on Facebook. I love being outdoors in the beautiful weather and what better place to be than New England during the fall season! I booked our rail slot about 4 months in advance, the day after the first day of fall (obviously!).
The trip out there was so beautiful and the weather was overall perfect for the day. We pulled up to what used to be a rail road station and checked in at the front desk. When it was time to go we took a short 5-10 minute bus ride out to the drop off site where we would begin our pedaling journey. We were both so excited and the staff were absolutely amazing.
We started our pedaling journey on what ended up being all uphill, but you would never know it if no one told you before hand. It was so easy and took literally zero effort to get to the turn around point. It was so relaxing pedaling through the trees and listening to the quiet rush of the Hudson river right next to us. Carlos and I literally felt like we had just escaped to a wonderful oasis far from home.
Once you reach the turn around point, you are able to get off the pedal cart and take a quick break next to the river. There’s even an out house out there which was very surprisingly clean. My favorite part was the mass amount of Cairn rock in the river, it was a truly visually wonderful experience.
Once the carts have been turned around it was time to hop back on and pedal back. This ended up being our favorite part. When you first start out in the beginning you are all together as a group, but on the way back you are able to spread out so much that you feel alone and can truly enjoy the peace and quiet amongst the trees. The added benefit is because you are going down hill, you can literally sit back and take it all in as gravity does its job and brings you all the way back down. The whole experience was about 2 hours and we left feeling so relaxed.
It is definitely a must try for anyone who loves the outdoors and is looking for a unique experience. You could make it a sweet date with your love or turn it into a fun experience with the family. We can’t wait to go again next year!
Check them out:

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