Watching Them Grow

Life was so stressful and difficult in the beginning of all this. Establishing new routines, rules, authority, and trying the best we all could to build some sort of family-like relationship. It’s not an easy road for anyone and it’s not a season you go through temporarily to suddenly come out with success that lasts forever.

Our little Vince just graduated preschool the other day and it was quite the big deal at his school. But for us, me especially, it was a time to reflect how far we’ve all come together. When I came into the picture Vince was 2 years old and of course not in school yet. Now he’s become such a wonderful, smart, well-behaved young little man and he’s moving up to his next level of education.

I remember when he used to sleep with his dad before I came around and the many many sleepless, frustrated nights we had putting him back in his room at 2am because he didn’t want to sleep in his own bed. I remember the learning curve of going from doing whatever you wanted (when mom was here) to not jumping on the couch and climbing all over the furniture, cleaning up your toys from the living room when you’re done with them, and when you sit at the table to eat – that’s what you’re doing, not playing around and climbing all over everything.

I remember when every time I used to tell him to do something that he didn’t like he would run to his dad crying and portray me out to be this big bad person. It makes me laugh now. All the fights Carlos and I used to have about discipline and rules. We had to learn we are stronger as a team than we are divided.

Now, almost 3 years later and with still a long way to go, we have a wonderful, happy house with two amazing boys. We can focus on our future and dreams rather than arguing about what the kids are going to eat for breakfast (as pathetic as it sounds) or how long they should stand in the corner. And I’m so proud and impressed with how wonderful vince is. All the arguments and sticking with what is right is beginning to show (FINALLY) and now I’m excited for the youngest’s little school journey.

If you’re a step-parent, bonus mom/dad, whatever you call yourself – stick with it! You’re doing a great job!

You’re making a difference!

It will pay off!

Happy Step-parenting!



Photo Credit To: Markus Spiske

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