Green Acres, the place to be

So it seems we came to Pittsburg, NH at the time of year where nothing is open and food options are very limited. We were told about a place from locals that had literally just opened and figured we would check it out.

We arrived at a cute little shop sitting off to the side of the road. I don’t know what I was expecting – maybe a bunch of cars because it was lunch time, maybe a sign that said “hey we serve food”, but I almost thought we had come to the wrong place. I sent Carlos in to check and turns out, we had in fact arrived. He told me it was an order to go place and I thought he had to be mistaken. I had read the menu before we came, ::the planner within me::, and this food sounded too nice to be a place that serves it all to go. 


We walked in to a lovely little gift shop that sells nice wood workings, homemade jams, and all the sorts of things you’d expect to find in a small town shop. I kept looking for a table with no luck, this was in fact food to go.This couldn’t be right, gourmet macaroni and cheese to go?? I’ve found it’s always in the places you don’t expect, that you find something amazing. 

Carlos ordered a lobster roll and I chose the pulled pork sandwich. With that comes chips, a cookie and your choice of a broccoli slaw salad or regular coleslaw. This being our first time, we went with generic coleslaw and Kathy, the owner, insisted we must try the broccoli – and so we caved. 

“You know that moment when you take a bite of something and you let out a deep moan, your eyes roll back and you say “Oh My God”!? (and yes, we’re still talking about food) – well it was like that.


I don’t think I have ever in my life had a pulled pork sandwich so good. I wished I had ordered about two more, I couldn’t get enough. The broccoli salad/slaw was also a favorite with us. The proportions of bacon and onion are perfect and the slaw sauce was the perfect touch. I’m almost sure Carlos enjoyed his lobster roll. I believe his exact description was, “this is f%@#ing amazing!”. The locals were right, this food was delicious. 

So! What does Jen do when she finds a place she loves – she goes back for more! The next day we went back for round 2 and indulged in an equally amazing brisket sandwich and the Greenacres mac n cheese made with sausage and apples – yes, apples.

Kathy is amazing. She comes from a restaurant family and has been in the kitchen since she was 7 years old. She felt Pittsburg was lacking BBQ, and she was right. Deciding to add a kitchen onto her shop and whip up some home cooking, she opened her little eat spot only a few days ago. The food she makes is close to her heart and has that home for dinner feel. Her mac n cheese will make you want to cuddle up in your favorite pjs and eat your heart out. 

We brought home to Massachusetts the leftover mac n cheese for my brother, never mentioning our awesome experience. After heating it up from the fridge we hear him yell from the kitchen, “this is f%@#ing amazing!”. And so apparently this is the best and most accurate description for Kathy’s cooking. 🙂

I am happily surprised to have found such a wonderful place to eat and I only wish it wasn’t so far so I could enjoy it more often. Kathy’s place is already on our list of eats when we head back out to Pittsburg, and I can’t wait! 

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