Pittsburg, NH

The winter here in New England has been very long to say the very least. Carlos and I hadn’t been able to get away since I believe October – we were long overdue. During his stay in the hospital we decided it was time to get away from home. After some Googling I found Loptick. The cabin we chose was called Dream Maker and the price and distance were perfect for us. We booked our trip and off we went!

What an absolutely peaceful and wonderful place. Firstly I should mention that we chose a somewhat awkward time to visit Pittsburg. It had snowed all day before and the lake was still 98% ice. It was too cold and snowy for four wheelers and boats, and too warm and slushy for snow mobiles. Everything was closed except one restaurant called Buck Rub Pub that had just happened to open back up the day we arrived, and another little gem called Greenacres Country Store that had opened for the first time ever that week (see post: Greenacres Is The Place To Be). But for us, it was perfect.


There are no words to explain the quiet of this place. It was so silent you almost felt you had to whisper, not even a sound of birds. The cabin was wonderfully huge and cozy for just the two of us. It sat right on the frozen lake, if you walked down to the edge you could catch a beautiful view of the mountains. We were also 7 miles from the Canadian border – the moment we wished we had passports. 

We ate at Buck Rub Pub the first night and I was pleasantly surprised at how good the food was. Their mixed drinks are also delicious and Carlos really enjoyed their scallop sandwich. We took advantage of the cold weather and used the wood burning stove every night. All the locals were wonderful, the staff at Lopstick were so nice and helpful and even the cashiers at the Young’s quick stop were fun to talk to. 

We were even able to get some work done! I know, why would that even be on the list of things to do on a getaway vacation, but Carlos goes to school online and I do a lot of my work online so we were able to stay caught up with things while still enjoying life. 🙂 The dog got a lot out of this trip too. Mika ran all over the place exploring things, smelling everything, eating random things – ah dogs will be dogs. 


The cabin itself was just a joy. The couch in the seating area was super cozy and there’s a loft that made me wish I was a kid again. The kitchen had the cutest coziest nook right at the window where I enjoyed sipping coffee in the morning and getting my work done. Oh and the shower….oh…my…gosh! It probably sounds super ridiculous to be in love with a shower – but – wow. The shower had the hottest water and it was amazing. It even had a good shower head – the kind that makes you feel at home and not like you’re staying in a cabin. ::kudos to the shower head picker person:: 

We really enjoyed our stay at Lopstick and the tiny tiny town of Pittsburg, NH. We can’t wait to come back with a group of friends/family and share in the peace and awesomeness. 

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